A New Way of Doing Things

Well, if there’s anyone left lurking around here I’m sure you’ve noticed that this blog has been all but dead for the past year (6 posts in a year … lame). But I’ve been busy! I’ve had a lot of work, I bought my first house, I’ve been acting (community theater), dancing (salsa!), singing (joined a chorus), and of course there’s my family … life has been full and wonderful! But I missed the blog.

So I’ve been gearing up to get back to it for a while now but it seems like since the inception of Sheriar Designs the blogs about web design have increased exponentially almost daily. With the plethora of great information out there and limited free time on my part, I felt a bit constrained by the format I had set out for myself years ago – that I would distinguish myself by writing in-depth articles about my processes. Those were some seriously time-consuming articles!

So I kept my desire to return percolating and an idea emerged. I realized that I originally started blogging because I wanted to share some of the things that I discover along the way while making websites. If I just change “making websites” to “working on my computer” then a whole new world opens up to me! Almost every day I’m googling and researching things related to designing, coding, my beloved Mac, cool applications, specific software issues, or any number of things.

If, every time I solved a problem, found helpful information, discovered a new awesome app, figured out a new cool technique in Photoshop, a great WordPress plugin or … you get the picture … if every time I did that I threw that discovery in here, well that might be pretty great! It would also allow me to write shorter entries so that I don’t procrastinate because of time constraints. I can still write some of my more old-school code walk through type of entries if the time and energy are there, but hopefully the momentum will already be in place!

And the upside is, even if I’ve lost all my readers it will still be a good reference place for me (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to look at one of my own articles to remember how to do something). ;~)

So, the new mission statement for this blog is to share some of the things that I discover along the way while working on my computer. What I discover, you will discover. Cheers!

5 Responses to “A New Way of Doing Things”

  • Brad Says:

    I’d say that sounds like a good plan. I’ll keep reading. Although I still eagerly await those web design posts as well. You’ve got some great ideas. Thanks!

  • Kai Schaller Says:

    Sounds great Mani, I’ve been thinking about doing something similar with my own blog as well. Now the actual execution of my plan is another matter entirely…

    It’s always fun to read about how other people work and what tools they use to get the job done. I was finally introduced to TextMate a few months ago (trying to make the switch so that I use the Mac as my primary development computer), but also discovered a handy tool for Windows called Taskbar Shuffle. In a nutshell it lets you rearrange the order of your taskbar buttons as well as the icons in the system tray, which is a feature I have been wishing for for years. Hopefully I’ll find the motivation to write about them in depth on my own site soon.

    Welcome back to your blog! :-)

  • Matt Says:

    I’m glad you have returned to blogging. I’ve always enjoyed reading your articles.

  • sarah Says:

    i like the new mission statement, as a blogger myself! actually, mani, small bits big bits … any bits you share with us will be hugely appreciated … anyway! :)

    oh and seems like i’m stalking your blog today, isn’t it? :)

  • Sheriar Designs Says:

    Sarah – I love it! Most comments in one day I’ve had in quite a long while. As you can see, I haven’t blogged for a quite a many moon. Every time I try to get back to it life seems to get in the way.