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Rubyweaver: Dreamweaver And Ruby On Rails

Wednesday, July 19th, 2006

Ok, so I just started working on my first Ruby site. Can I tell you honestly, that it lives up to the hype? I can. At least, for me it does. It is such a treat, as a CSS designer, to work with back end progamming that I can get well enough to do what it is that I do without having to involve a middle man. I love it!

My first challenge, however, was getting Ruby files (.rhtml files) to show up in Dreamweaver. I tried adding that extension to some lists in the preferences panel and was able to at least open Ruby files in Dreamweaver, but they weren’t color coded, nor did they make any effort whatsoever in the Preview Panel. Ok, not a big deal, but … what was a big deal was that I discovered that I could not use Find or Find and Replace actions in the Ruby folders. THAT was a problem!

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