IE7 … What I discovered Today

I have been avoiding IE7 like the plague for a while now. My basic stance on the whole thing has been, “I’ll wait until the final version rolls out before testing and debugging sites in IE7. I don’t want to spend time creating hacks for bugs that might get squished by the time IE7 releases for real.” Not a bad philosophy, as I see it. But, I couldn’t run forever. So, this morning I finally downloaded and installed the new demon.

My heart was literally pounding and my stomach was full of butterflies as I opened first my own dear blog to survey the damage. With one eye shut tight and the other peaking out from a squint I watched my site load … what’s this … does it look … FINE?!? Oh, I couldn’t believe my good luck! I quickly skimmed all the main page layouts with growing amazement as I realized that everything was pretty much as it should be. Wow. I felt like I had dodged a bullet. But, maybe it was just the WordPress engine that was somehow blessing me?

To my further amazement I discovered that most of the sites that I was initially worried about were pretty much a-ok. I had had nightmares of clients calling me up in a panic, their sites a disaster, my life in an uproar as I work feverishly around the clock to reassemble the carnage. Even sites from two years ago (which will remail URL-less here), in which I use “!important” all over the damn place to feed new rules to IE seemed to be almost completely unaffected.

In addition to the fact that the new IE looks better, has tabbed browsing, is sleeker, and just seems better pretty much all around, the fact that even my sites where I did not keep “hacks” in a separate IE style sheet held up so well leads me to think that perhaps, all in all, Microsoft has actually done a good job.

This is great news! But, strangely, also a bit depressing. If IE fails to continue to suck so royally how will Firefox (my beloved Firefox, with all it’s glorious extensions) continue it’s takeover of the web? More disturbingly, if IE fails to continue to suck so royally then who is my enemy going to be? Who can I rage at when I want to blow off steam?? Who can I point to as the bane of my web-developing existence??? (Maybe I’ll have to turn on Safari.) What common, almost universally held hatred will unite us all now????

Somehow, without IE as my nemesis, I feel a little deflated. And with everything being pretty much fine after months and MONTHS of buiding fear and dread, I feel a bit like I did the morning after Y2K. What a letdown. Everything’s ok.

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3 Responses to “IE7 … What I discovered Today”

  • kenny Says:

    Ha! Funny, Mani. I’m glad you’re discovering that you’re not in big trouble with IE7 – that must be a relief!

    But I know what you mean about it being somehow comforting about having a common enemy, and feeling a sense of loss at it’s potentially being gone.

    I wouldn’t worry too much, though … you’ve only had a cursory glance around … I’m sure this new IE will find many ways with which to make you hate it as well. ;)

  • David Hucklesby Says:

    I know what you mean. I got real excited when I checked out my first ever CSS design in IE7. Made 4 years ago to target IE5 and NS 4 (!) it still works. Yeah!

    But we are lucky. Micros**t may have fixed 200 bugs and shortcomings, but reports are rolling in about new bugs. I got one on my CSS experiments.

    You said: “In addition to the fact that the new IE looks better, has tabbed browsing, is sleeker, and just seems better pretty much all around …”

    Think so? I think it looks pretty clunky. As for tabbed browsing, they are only ten years behind Opera.

    I don’t think Firefox will find IE7 much of a challenge, frankly. But we will see …

  • Andi Says:

    Firefox 2 vs. IE 7? I think we still know that Firefox is going to win single handedly.

    Besides, IE 6 isn’t quite dead yet (much to my dismay) – so there’s still the endless battles against it to look forward (?) to.

    Speaking of which…