Introducing the New and Improved Bay Nature

I’ve been a little quiet on the blog front lately. I’ve been a bit obsessed – obsessed with designing a new logo, website, and complete new brand identity for Sheriar Designs. Finally! It’ll probably take me quite a while to get the site redone, so I’ll give a bit of a sneak peak in the near future, but right now I’m here to talk about another project that’s been taking up my time …

Recently I had the privilege of completing the design and front-end work on the new Bay Nature site. The project was a real pleasure from start to finish as I had a great site to work on, great imagery to work with, and a great team – mainly Dan Rademacher of Bay Nature and David Siedband of Wolf and Associates, who did the backend work in Plone.

Without further ado:


To get a sense of what the old site looked like …


Quite an improvement, if I do say so myself. ;~)

7 Responses to “Introducing the New and Improved Bay Nature”

  • Michael P Says:

    Well done Mani! It’s a beautiful design.

  • Brad Says:

    WOW. Yes…you made quite the improvement. Nice job. I especially like the attention to detail with the gradient banner place holders complete with dimensions. I don’t think I would’ve ever though of that.

  • ross Says:

    There goes another Plone design. Yay. Really fantastic economy of space and such a deliciously warm, earthy palette. Did you work with Plone theming? How was the experience compared to WP/Drupal?

  • David Siedband Says:

    Hi Ross. Mani delivered the design as XHTML/CSS and I did the Plone skin post-production.

    I find Plone skinning to me much more efficient and enjoyable than PHP theme integrations for the following reasons.

    1) Plone’s templating language (TAL) uses a valid XML syntax which allows it to work with the many excellent XML editing/debugging tools out there.

    2)The logic is very cleanly partitioned from the presentation which nicely separates the debugging worflows on those two elements.

    A crucial thing to be aware of when developing designs for subsequent Plone integration is that Plone has a wealth of existing CSS for editing and management UI inside the O-Ring. For this reason, practices like global resets and styling at the tag level can cause a lot of pain. If you let your designer know about this and ask them to scope-constrain their css selectors, you’ll find that integrating their design goes quite smoothly.

    Mani’s design was a joy to integrate. Working with her is really flying first class :)

  • Sheriar Designs Says:

    Awwwww … Thanks, David!!

  • Jeni Says:

    Beautiful work, Mani! Colour choices were impeccable.

    — Jeni (aka: Chi)

  • Columbus Web Studio Says:

    Amazing redesign! I have enjoyed looking through your portfolio and blog. I have a folder in my bookmarks where I draw design inspiration. It is titled “Heroes”, and you are now in it.